Movie Monday: The Duff

“The DUFF” is another chick-flick about a misfit girl struggling through high school. It all starts when Bianca (played by Mae Whitman) discovers that her more attractive popular peers have labelled her the “DUFF” of her friendship group. For those of you who don’t know, DUFF stands for designated ugly fat friend.

Suddenly she’s sent into crisis, questioning everything she thought she knew about herself,  and sets out on a journey to change how people see her. Luckily for her, one of those attractive popular peers – Wes (Robbie Amell) – lives next door and agrees to “un-duff” her if she helps him get his grades up. As if high school wasn’t hard enough already, right?

To be honest with you, when I first saw the trailer, I was horrified. There’s already so much pressure on girls to look and act a certain way to fit in, and here comes a movie telling them that their friends only want them around to make themselves look better. Just what the target audience needs.

That said, the film does point out that the label of DUFF is just a slang term that stuck, and there’s a self esteem building speech towards the end, so all is not lost.

Personally, while I found there were some funny scenes and pretty spot on references, I spent most of the movie cringing. Everything just felt too over the top and a little awkward.

My advice would be to wait until its on telly if you want to watch it, and in the mean time rent Mean Girls or Clueless!



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