My Blog is ….a Poem

My blog is my scream into the abyss,
searching for ears to listen,
eyes to read,
hearts to love.
It’s the part of my brain longing to be popular
shouting over the parts that are terrified.

My blog is my voice babbling away,
wanting to be heard,
and talking regardless.
It’s a conversation I have with myself
late at night, inside my mind,
that you’re overhearing.

My blog is my legacy,
not that I plan on leaving soon,
but if that day comes sooner rather than later
then this will have to do.
Look back, laugh, and love me.
I’ll be happy to be in you’re thoughts,
and happier still with the page views.

My blog is my own,
constantly changing in style and subject
as we both develop and grow.
It’s a record of where I’ve been,
and the places I’ve yet to go.
It might just be a collection of naive nonsense to you,
but to me, it’s so much more.


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