Movie Monday: Maleficent

Maleficent is a creative re-imagining of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. If you remember the original, you’ll know that an evil fairy puts a curse on the princess so that when she pricks her finger, she’ll fall into a deep sleep from which she’ll never wake up. This time round, everything is from that “evil” fairy’s point of view. We’re given much more of a backstory about who she is and why she’s out to get the royal family which it always felt like the original was missing.

Angelina Jolie gives a brilliant performance and I loved that she played a complex character. Maleficent is not entirely evil but she’s not completely good either. It’s the internal battle between the two that makes the movie really compelling. As with any big Dinsey film, the visuals are spectacular. The use of colour to subtly emphasis the mood and build atmosphere was brilliant, and the costume department did an incredible job.

The only thing that bugged me (and I feel awful saying this because it shouldn’t matter) is that Aurora, played by Elle Fanning, had eyebrows that were so much darker than the blonde hair. It’s a silly complaint, I know, but everyone has pet peeves, right?

Overall, it’s a captivating story set in a world I’d love to visit (after the film has concluded, of course!).



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