Movie Monday: Channel 4’s Cyber Bully

Cyber Bully is a tv movie which as the name suggests revolves around issues of bullying on social networking sites such as Twitter and Vine.

Protagonist Casey, played by Maisie Williams, is like most teenagers and lives her life online. The opening sequence is her coming home and logging onto the computer before she’s even put down her bag. She’s Skyping with her best friend and checking her feed, when things start to go wrong. Unlike every other night she’s sat behind a screen, this time she’s being hacked.

The hacker takes control and threatens to spread inappropriate photos of Casey is she doesn’t do exactly what he says. If she tells anyone or turn the computer off, the photos get posted. If her dad comes in, the photos will be put out there for everyone to see. She’s trapped and there’s no easy way out of this one.

Its all shot from a variety of angles within her room highlighting the isolation she feels. It should be a safe place, but right now, it’s anything but. How far will she go to save her reputation?

Some parts did feel a little over the top, but overall it’s an eye opener. It seems like something that should be played in high schools to raise the issue and start discussions. Because of the mature themes and language used, I’d say it’s for an 11+ audience, but it’s worth checking out if you can.



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