Sort Your Damn Life Out!

Don’t Let Time Slip Away From You


Last month, I posted about my realisation that I need to make changes in my life (if you missed it, you can read that here). I had hoped to do some kind of progress report, only I haven’t actually made any changes. You see, before christmas I was working all the time, and since I’ve been trying to adjust to the fact that this is a whole new year.

Sorting your life out is a big task and it takes time to notice the effects. You can’t change everything all at once, and you’ve got to get used to a new way of doing things. It’s a good thing that this is going to be an on-going series then, right?

To be clear, I don’t expect that by writing a few blog posts I’m going to have everything in my life worked out. There’s always going to be things to improve on, to learn, and to get way too stressed over, whether I’m in my 20s or my 50s, but isn’t that all part of the fun. This is a way for me to motivate myself to make changes for the better and document how things go.

The way this is going to work is I’ll write about something that I need to improve on, go away and work on it and then report back with how things have gone with any tips and tricks that worked for me. It should be obvious, but I’ll just take a moment to remind you that I am by no means an expert or professional; I’m just going by my research and experiences.

You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.” – Jim Rohn


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