Tomorrow is a very important day

Remember a few months ago when I was in charge of Brighton Museums’ twitter account (No? Well you’d better read this)? Well, it went so well that I’ve been invited back. So, twitter-ers of the internet take this as you’re warning, tomorrow I’m taking over and nothing can stop me! Mwhahaha.


All joking aside, it’s an honour to be trusted and an amazing opportunity to reach a wider audience. You can expect some fun facts about the Booth Museum, details about our latest project and, of course, anything else I find interesting enough to squeeze into 140 characters. I’ll do my best to get some great pictures for you, and feel free to ask me questions about what I’m doing by tweeting @BrightonMuseums .

Now, I know what you’re thinking, why on earth am I being allowed to have such control?

Well, because it’s Museum Take Over Day. Museums and galleries all around the country invite children and young people to come in and see what it’s like to work there. In their own words, “Takeover Day is a celebration of children and young people’s contribution to museums, galleries and historic homes. It’s a day on which they are given meaningful roles, working alongside staff and volunteers to participate in the life of the museum.”

In the past, I’ve participated in Takeover Days at the National Portrait Gallery taking on jobs in security, the front of house staff and digital programming. Each job comes with new and different challenges and I can’t wait to see what I get up to this year.

You know I’m going to blog about it, but to keep up with everything as it happens, follow the links and tweet me using the #TakeoverDay :

Brighton Museums’ Twitter: @BrightonMuseums

Takeover Day Twitter: @TakeoverDay

And my own personal twitter: @snowy_773


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