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Attempting to put up my calender
Attempting to put up my calender

Well August is almost over, and what a month it’s been!

Lego released female characters with intellectual jobs rather than ones that just like to hang out at the beach, I entertained and informed the public as I took over Brighton Museums twitter and people everywhere celebrated another International Friendship Day.

There were bad days too as the world wept at the death of one of the best and most treasured comedians.  Although it’s been a few weeks since Robin Williams past away, my heart still aches and I think a small part of it always will knowing that a man who put smiles on the face of millions was so deeply unhappy himself.

Blogging-wise, I finally celebrated reaching 100 followers by uploading my first Youtube video, and although it’s far from perfect, it’s a step in the right direction and an essential learning experience.

Overall, it’s been a rather good month and I’m proud that I managed to blog during every day of it. Since this is the last day, here are the links to all the other posts in order, just in case you missed any!

  1. Summer Blogging!
  2. Introducing Me
  3. Good Friends….
  4. Finally, Lego Lady Scientists
  5. I Can See So Clearly Now
  6. Attempting Fairy Cakes
  7. Murder on the Dance Floor
  8. Photo Flash Back: Young, Wild and Free
  9. You Can’t Wait for Inspiration
  10. Guess Who Just Uploaded Their First* Youtube Video?
  11. If We’re Going to Get Out of Here, I Need That Guy’s Leg!
  12. Rest in Peace Robin Williams
  13. So Many Musical Memories
  14. Hey Birthday Boy, This One’s About You
  15. I’m Not Saying Everything is Survivable
  16. Save Me, San Francisco
  17. Photo Flash Back: A Pair of Monkeys
  18. Picture Time
  19. Sunshine
  20. London in Lego
  21. They Say Time Heals All Wounds
  22. What’s in a Name?
  23. Brand New Youtube Video from Yours Truly!
  24. George Banks and All He Stands For Will Be Saved
  25. Reflecting
  26. Exciting Announcement!
  27. A Little More Than 140 Characters
  28. Look at My Photo Album
  29. Taking Over Twitter!
  30. Have You Really Read All Those Books?

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