Taking Over Twitter!

What would you do if someone let you loose on their twitter account with more than 9,000 followers?

On Wednesday, someone did just that. For the whole of the day (well, from 10:45AM to 5PM), I was in charge of Brighton Museums’ twitter as part of Teen Twitter Takeover Day set up by the wonderful Kids in Museums (watch out for their link at the end).  I got to interact with other galleries, take pictures and generally tweet whatever was on my mind. Aren’t I a lucky girl?


After a short briefing and some introductions, I was handed a tablet and set free in the gallery to tweet to my heart’s content. As I was walking round, I was reminded of all the different projects I’d been involved with and all the great opportunities I’ve had.

Way back in the summer of 2012, I was part of a small group that worked on an educational booklet for the new World Stories gallery (read more about that here). Then in October, I participated in a series of photography workshops that ended with our work being on display to the public. In 2013, I was a proud member of the Jeff Koons Collective (you know I’ve blogged about that before); learning about what goes into putting on an exhibition, organising events and even creating a card game. That project was one of the best experiences of my life! And now I’m part of the Museum Collective (an amazing group of 14 – 25 year olds who run events, do creative projects and act as an advisory panel to the museum).


But back to taking over twitter!

I wanted to get across the wide variety of things to see in Brighton Museum from Ancient Egyptian mummies to slightly scary-looking Punch and Judy puppets. That’s one of my favourite things about the museum – every room you go into is full of something different, so there’s always something for everyone.   I also got to try on some costumes in the World Stories gallery because who doesn’t love a little bit of dressing up?

fancy dress

I loved interacting with other museums via twitter to see what they were up to and getting replies to my tweets. It was empowering to have my voice heard (well, tweets read, but you get the picture) and one of the great things that Kids in Museums do is to make sure young people feel like they matter.


I’ve had some bad experiences of people looking down on me because I’m young and openly letting me know that they don’t think I should be there. It’s disheartening, but at the same time it’s great to see that there are people challenging that view. I’m also proud to report that it’s never happened to me at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery – I’ve always felt very welcomed by the staff whether I’m working on a project or just a visitor.

This has become quite a long post, but since there isn’t a 140 character limit I’ve had a lot to say! Thank you to Brighton Museum for handing over your twitter, it was a great experience, and to Kids in Museums for everything they do.

If you want to find me on twitter then I’m right here: @snowy_773 

Other people you should follow are: @BrightonMuseums  @takeovermuseums @kidsinmuseums

And finally, Kids in Museums: http://kidsinmuseums.org.uk/ 


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