What’s in a name?

Today, I googled myself. I’m not being narcissistic (well, maybe a little…), it’s something that most job hunting websites advise you to do as future employers might look you up online. I’ve done this before while prating around at school (don’t act like you haven’t), and my old social media accounts came up.

This time around though, I got some rather interesting results.

I know that I’m not the only person in the world with my name – with the amount of people in the world, I’d be silly to think my name wouldn’t be repeated somewhere – but I was surprised by the range of different Charlie Snows that exist.

Here are some of my favourites:

Charley Snow, Artist: In Utah, there is a man who loves to paint cows. Yes, you did read that right, a cow-painting artist. His Facebook fan page describes him as being “cow’s best friend,” and he says that “they’re good models – they don’t complain or talk back and stay in one place for a long time.”

Just in case you don’t know what a cow looks like

PFC Charles Harry Snow: Born in 1948 and died in Vietnam on June 22nd 1967. He was just 19 when he was killed, but I hope that he enjoyed the 19 years he had. This one I found a little uncanny because June 22nd is my birthday. Coincidence? Completely.

Charlie Snow, Baseball player: Living a long life from 1849 – 1929 in Massachusetts. I don’t know anything about baseball but apparent he was a Catcher for the Atlantics in 1874 – at least one of us was sporty.

The Reporter

Charlie Snow, Marvel Character: Charlie is a reported for The Daily Bugle and appears in 16 issues of Marvel comics including The Amazing Spider-Man Annual and Marvel Team Up. With the grey hair and moustache, I think they captured my likeness very well.

And finally,

Charlie Snow, Blogger: You really think that I wouldn’t include myself on this list?

Technology is amazing, we have the whole world at our finger tips, and still the first thing most of googled was our name. Have you looked yourself up online? Who did you find?


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