Rest in Peace Robin Williams

This morning I woke up to the news that Robin Williams had died. Even now typing it, I can’t quite take it in. Usually, when a celebrity passes away it’s sad but things move on pretty quickly. Not today. This time I found myself grieving for someone that I’d never met or even knew I existed.

He was a big part of my childhood and I remember my family all sitting around to watch Mrs Doubtfire. Even as I got older, putting on one of his films always cheered me up. It didn’t matter what was wrong, watching a movie that he was in was like getting a hug; there was always some reassurance that everything would be okay.

He brought smiles to the faces of millions and that’s how he’ll live on. Every time the Hillard’s need a housekeeper or Anderson stands on a table, he’ll continue to inspire people and bring light into their lives. He was an amazing actor, a legendary stand up and a truly wonderful human being. May he finally find some peace.


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