Attempting Fairy Cakes

The other day, Jess invited me over for a small get together. I hadn’t seen her in ages and to be honest I was in a bit of a pickle. You see, usually for this kind of get together, I make brownies. It’s become a bit of a tradition. The problem was I wouldn’t have enough time to go and get the ingredients from Asda, so I didn’t know what to take. So, I nipped to Sainsbury’s and see what they had to offer. That’s when I spotted these fairy cakes…how could I not?


They were a pound each, and looked easy enough to make. I should have read the box on the pink ones more carefully because I didn’t realise they had strawberry icing until I was mixing it, but still they were pretty delicious. I’m not sure whether it was my oven or if that’s just how they were meant to be, but the princess ones were a little squishy even after double the time baking.


The chocolate ones came with skull decorations for on top which (in my opinion) made them better as pirates are kind of my thing. The cakes were quite simple to make as all you had to do was mix the bag ingredients with an egg and water.


If you were looking for a cheap way to entertain children then I’d recommend them – each box makes 12 fairy cakes and plenty of icing with decorations. The cake cases are included in the boxes, so all you need to add is water and an egg (The princess ones also need butter for the icing). For a pound, quite the bargain. Here’s the final result:

IMG_1358 IMG_1371



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