Introducing Me

Day two of summer blogging and so far, so good.

A year on from my first post, I wrote the story of my blog (which you can read here). It was to welcome new readers and to re-introduce myself to old ones. Since then, quite a few more of you have found your way into my little wonderland, so it’s about time I said hello. Last time, it was rather fairy tale-esk; this time around here’s a Q and A.

I still have the same face, minus the braces.
I still have the same face, minus the braces.

So, you’re Charlie? Isn’t that a boy’s name?
Technically it’s gender neutral, although ‘Charlie’ is generally the masculine way of spelling it. From just the name, people assume I’m a boy, but I can assure you that I am most definitely female. It’s the only name my parents could agree on, and no – before you ask- it’s not short for Charlotte.

Tell us a bit about yourself:
Where to start? I’ve just turned 20, I still live at home in the only house I’ve ever lived and I spend far too long on the computer. I believe the quality of friends is much more important than the quantity of them, and they’ve got to be prepared for me taking hundreds of photos to remember the moment. I’ve been dipping in and out of education since leaving sixth form, but I’ve learnt a lot by taking chances and it’s led to some interesting experiences. I’m always up for a chat, so don’t hesitate to say hello.

What’s with the blog name?
When I was at school, my lovely friend Andrew nicknamed me Snowball because Snow is my last name. I’m also quite short (or maybe everyone else is just oversized?!), so that’s where the little bit comes from. It was the first thing I could think of and I quite liked it. With my name, it’s easy to remember.

The original header
The original header

Why did you start blogging in the first place?
Out of boredom mostly. I was writing a lot anyway, and having somewhere to post it made it easier to force my friends into reading it. It’s helped me to practise my writing because journalism is something I’m considering for the future. It’s also quite nice to look back and see how I was doing last week/last month/ last year and what I was doing.

What do you write about?
Originally, it was going to be an art blog. At the time I was involved in a big project in an art gallery (click here to read all about it) and it was stirring my creative juices. After a while, it became more about my opinions on things and thoughts on what was going on in my life. They say write what you know, and what’s better than first-hand experience?

Where should I start with your blog?
If you’re just discovering it now, then it’s a great time as I’m trying to blog everyday this month. If you’re here for the arty side, I recommend heading back to the beginning for a discussion on whether you should see art in person (Click on me for arty goodness). More musically minded? I’ve got a whole series dedicated to describing moments in song (Music this way). If you’re interested in what I’ve been up to, you can see photos from my adventures (Click this one) or catch up on what’s been happening in my life (go ahead, be nosey).

And there we have it, another post over and done with. I hope this has helped to shed some light on the person behind the words, and I do hope you’ll stick around.


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