Lets chat!

Up, up, and away!
Up, up, and away!

Oh, little blog you are looking rather neglected *blows through all the cobwebs*

Now this is the part where I’d usually apologise for the absence, but I’m realising more and more that this is my blog and I’m control. I set the schedule and never keep to it.

Instead, let’s catch up.

First of all, I went on holiday with my family to Spain. I didn’t go abroad last year for the first time in a long time and it made me realise how much I love flying – especially with a window seat. I love watching the ground getting further away and seeing the clouds from the inside. Flying at night is amazing because you can see all the lights on way down below you and they often make patterns.

I was also lucky enough to witness a lightning storm on my way home. I did try to take a photo, but it’s pretty damn hard. It was breath-taking. Usually, lightning frightens the life out of me, but somehow being on the same level as it was different. At points I could see it strike the Earth, other times it was just flashes in clouds lighting up the whole sky.

I’m planning to do a picture filled holiday post at some point, but I’m rather busy so I can’t say when.

In other news, it’s the last few days of college, so there’s a real push to get all of the work done (especially for me, because I’m behind). This year has gone too quickly, I still remember having my interview in a place that was then so unfamiliar. I’m not as emotional as when I left my old school (I’d been there seven years, there were many tears), but I will really miss the people. It’s weird to think that we’ve bonded so much in such a short space of time, but I’m so glad to have met them. We’ve learnt a lot together – and not just being in the class, but from each other. I wish them all the best for the future whatever their next step.

So that’s my life right now, a fading tan and a pile of coursework, what’s going on with you?


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