London Pet Show Adventures

Over the weekend, London was taken over by creatures big and small. The Pet Show was in town, so the lovely Carys and I hopped on a train and went to go see what was on offer. There were tiny little birds, not so little ponies and just about everything in between.

Carys is the person to go with to anything pet related as she knows pretty much everything there is to know about them. Ever since we first met, she’s always been determined to work with animals and it was amazing to see her enthusiasm – although she still can’t convince me that tarantulas are cute.

The highlight of the day was seeing Steve Backshall’s show about deadly animals. For those of you that don’t know, he’s a wildlife explorer and makes TV programmes about his adventures. Here are some photos I took during the show of all the creatures he brought to show-and-tell (Click on the images to make them bigger) :


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