Problematic Exhibitions


I love exhibitions whether they’re of art, toys or theatre costumes. You can get up close with things and see the detail for yourself- In fact my first two blog posts were about seeing things in person.

But there’s a problem: exhibitions are for a short period of time, and blogging is forever (hopefully anyway). There are several posts that I’ve started writing about shows I’ve seen, but the displays aren’t on anymore. Things I’ve been to that I’d highly recommend if they were still there. It is partly my fault for being rather slow at getting my ideas down on paper, but then if I wrote about the Bailey exhibition tomorrow and someone found it next month, it’s out of date.

Therefore, I’ve decided that instead of trying to review the art or objects on display, I’m going to write about my personal experiences of being in the space – things that went through my mind, what I thought of the curator’s decisions, what stood out the most and what I felt in the moment.

So coming soon are posts about Lichtenstein at the Tate Modern, Jeff Koons in Brighton and hopefully the David Bailey exhibition (which if you’re reading this before June 1st and are in London, is on at the National Portrait Gallery).



2 thoughts on “Problematic Exhibitions

  1. This is a much better idea (my opinion) as I can see how you felt about it, and I follow your blog because of you. I will never be able to see these things myself, I live in another country, so nice to get the view from someone else.

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