30 days, 30 posts!

Every day for the past month I’ve sat at my laptop and slaved away at this blog – okay, so it’s not actually been that hard and some of the posts I’m going to go back to, but you get the point. A whole month of blogging, and I actually stuck it out this time!

There’s been milestones along the way too – I hit both 100 followers and 100 posts – which still seems rather insane. Who would have thought that my little space full of thoughts would actually be a success?

The past month has given some much needed confidence with my blogging and hopefully I’m going to keep it up – maybe not every day, but a lot more frequent than before. As it turns out, I’ve got a lot to say.

This is just a short thank you to everyone that’s stuck by me through out, to anyone that found my blog in the past month a decided it was worth following and to anyone reading this right now.

Eventually, I will get around to posting a full summary of the past month, but right now there’s a big pile of coursework that I can’t avoid any longer.


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