The Unfriending

Before and After
Before and After

At the start of the month, I posed about my Facebook friends list and how cluttered it was with people I didn’t like or didn’t remember. For the first time in a while I actually followed through with something I said and spent time deleting people.

It didn’t actually take too long – around 15 minutes – but the page kept resetting itself after every few people, which as you can imagine was very stressful and rather annoying. I also learnt that when someone deletes their Facebook account, they still stay on your friends list (not that I can say I’d noticed these deleted profiles before).

Overall the process was strangely cleansing. It felt like I was actually moving on and it was quite a relief not to have to deal with these people again.

After cleaning up my “friends”, I sorted people into groups (it’s down the side of the page, if you were wondering). I had my close friends, family and a custom made group for some of my work experience. This meant that I could find people easily and could just get updates from the people I talk to. One downside I’ve found since doing this is that you get a notification every time your close friends do something – which would be fine if some people didn’t update their status every 20 minutes. Honestly, who has that much to say?

If you’re overwhelmed with updates from people you barely recognise, I highly recommend you set aside some time and do this too. I spend way too much time on social media, but at least now not all of it is time wasted.


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