Lets Get To Work


Yesterday I posted a list of my ways to procrastinate. I’m going to assume that since your still here that the thing you need to do still hasn’t been done (Lord knows mine isn’t), so today I’m bringing you some top tips on how to stop wasting time.

For when you first get a project

  1. It takes bricks to build a house: Break whatever it is you have to do down into small manageable pieces. Chances are you feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do, and therefore panic and do nothing. Start small and work your way through everything.
  2. Set up check points: now that you’ve broken everything down, set yourself deadlines for when each bit needs to be finished E.G. researching needs to be finished by Friday, presentation notes by Tuesday. This way, you won’t be panicking when your actual deadline approaches.
  3. Schedule yourself: You already have set hours for when you have to be in class/ in the office, so why not set aside time specifically to study. Write it in your planner and make sure your friends know not to disturb you. Set goals for what you want to achieve in each session  and make sure to take breaks.

It’s too late for that; my deadline is NEXT WEEK (or sooner)

  1. Breathe: Stressing now will only make you feel worse. Take a moment and some deep breathes. You’ve got this.
  2. Get away from the distractions: If you’re a Facebook addict, download a site blocker so that you can’t access your profile for a certain amount of time. If you check your phone every few minutes, turn it off or put it in another room – out of sight, out of mind.
  3. If all else fails, ask for help. This could be from a friend, parent or a teacher. You might feel hopeless right now, but it’s not the end of the world.


The biggest tip I have is to get on with it. Whatever you’ve been putting off, start doing it right now. You’ll feel much better afterwards. Sometimes the hardest part is just starting.



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