Isn’t there something else you should be doing

I have a theory that everyone has something that they’re putting off. It could be an awkward conversation that they need to have or starting on the pile of washing that just keeps building and building. I bet that right now you’re reading this to avoiding doing that thing – I know that’s why I’m writing.

To be honest with you, there’s a lot I’m putting off right now. I am a massive procrastinator. If there was a procrastination competition, I could definitely win – providing of course that I got around to entering said competition.

It’s a terrible habit and one that I’m going to try to stop….tomorrow. For today though, here are just a few of my favourite ways to kill time before those things REALLY have to be done:

  1. Social media: There is no bigger time waster than scrolling through Facebook or Tumblr. I can literally lose hours of my life looking at Benedict Cumberbatch gifs or finding cute animal pictures. I do enjoy melting my heart with both of those things, but it’s not exactly the most productive use of my time.
  2. Watching anything on YouTube: I know that YouTube is technically social media too, but I felt like it deserved its own point. You can never just watch one video, there’s always something in the sidebar that catches your eye and three hours later you’re watching cat videos without any idea how you got there. This is made worse if you subscribe to any YouTube channels, particularly cute vloggers, as you then work your way through all of their previous videos.
  3. Watching TV: Turning on the TV is like falling into the void. I end up caring about these characters lives more than my own problems. Netflix subscriptions are dangerous too as they have whole series to get through. If you don’t hear from me over the next few days, send help – I’m attempting a Sherlock marathon.
  4. Go outside: If that pile of homework is out of site, it’s out of mind. Tell yourself that fresh air is good for you and go for a walk. There’s a whole world to explore, all that’s missing is you.
  5. Write a list of ways to procrastinate and then set up a blog to post them on. 😉



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