The Friends List

Social media has and probably will always be a big part of my adolescent life. I’ve grown up with the internet and spending hours online is pretty much a normal night-time routine.

Setting up social media accounts is so easy; you give them your name, date of birth and email address and you’re away. There are more sites than ever and there’s new ones being created every day.

Facebook became the craze when I around 14 years old, and before that there was Bebo (which actually stands for something – blog everywhere, blog often – who knew?). It was a way of catching up with friends, most of whom I’d seen only hours ago. But being 14, it wasn’t just about catching up with your friends; it was like a competition with everyone else in the class to see who had the highest friend count. You’d add people you didn’t even speak to in real life, because that’s what seemed normal.

The problem is I’ve left school now. I don’t see a lot of these people 5 days a week anymore. I didn’t talk to them then, and I certainly don’t now, so why should I care about getting updates about their lives?

It’s so strange having a “friends list” because I barely remember some of these people, let alone consider them my friend.

Social media has this bizarre effect on me; I don’t care about these people, and yet I keep scrolling through their life. It’s like an addiction, and I’ve had enough.

It’s time to do some spring cleaning.

Starting with Facebook, I’m going to dedicate time to going through and unfriending the people. We’re just strangers with vague shared memories of being in the same place at the same time. I’m going to delete social networking accounts that I don’t use anymore, and I’m finally going to unsubscribe for e-mailing lists that I don’t actually bother reading.

I’ve had enough of wasting hours being constantly reminded that so-and-so is dating what’s-his-name and that they love each other so very much. It’s time to sit down and take action.

There are better things I could be doing with my life – like running a blog and putting off doing my ever-growing workload.


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