My not-yet-life-threatening addiction to….New Notebooks


I am a sucker for stationary. I’m a nutter for notebooks. I’m a journal junkie.

But all too often, once I’ve brought them, I’m afraid of writing in them because they’re so pretty. What happens when I spell something wrong or change my mind? I can’t tear pages out, it will ruin everything. If someone jogs me, everything is over.

There are also cases where I will start a new project and buy a new notebook, but give up after a few pages. Either the project dies, or my enthusiasm for writing things down does. I have at least three “blog idea” books floating around. I can’t help myself.

I can’t be the only one with this problem, can I?


3 thoughts on “My not-yet-life-threatening addiction to….New Notebooks

      1. Drawers in my desk, I’m afraid! Like you, many of mine have a few pages only written in, and I don’t like the reminders of unfinished business lying around.

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