The Tale of The Little Snowball

Once upon a time there was a girl who started a blog and hoped that it would grow to be the best little blog in the whole of the land. What she didn’t anticipate was just how much work it would be. She faced depression, dyslexia and worst of all writer’s block, but she never gave up. Somehow, despite everything that was going on in the real world, she managed to keep some hope alive of raising the best blog that there ever was.

Now, we’re still only in the early chapters of this fairy tale and there’s a long way to go and a lot of hard work along the way, but that little blog that was once an empty page lost in the world wide web, has reached an almighty milestone- one whole year of life!

The time has come to celebrate such an occasion with a month packed full of posts and pictures, ideas and adventures.

We do hope that you choose to come along for the ride, to follow and subscribe, to see what lies ahead for the young lady and her blog as they make their way through life. The ups and downs, the great battles and even greater victories all recorded right here for your reading pleasure.

There’s so much more to come. This first year was only the beginning.


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