Music on My Mind

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Let’s talk about music.

Music can change your mood. It can make you want to laugh or cry or dance until you do both. It can distract you from your surroundings. It’s constantly in my head.

I’ve always got my headphones on: on the way to college, when I’m spending hours scrolling through Tumblr, right now while I’m writing this (pitch perfect – the riff off, in case you were wondering). I have shelves full of albums – yes, I still actually buy physical CDs, apparently this is surprising.

So why is it that whenever someone asks me about music, my mind goes blank? I literally can’t think of a single song or artist that I’ve heard let alone some that I like. And don’t even get me started on people that want to be genre specific. The genre changes with my mood, and I have quite the eclectic taste.

I struggle when people ask me about my favourite song. How can I pick just one? How are they defining favourite anyway? Most played? That changes frequently; I’ll be obsessed with a song for about a week and then not listen to it for six months. The one you always go back to? That depends on my mood; I have favourite songs for situations. The one you’d most recommend? Again, how can I pick just one? Recommendations depend on the person and the mood and whether I trust them enough to listen to my most cherished songs without them ruining it forever.

All of that said, I have picked three songs from my latest playlist for your enjoyment.

What kind of music do you like? Any recommendations for me? Any songs that you can’t stop telling the world about?


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