The Story of Blogmas


Do you ever feel like you’re on a train that going 100 mph heading for a brick wall?

I do.

And that’s what happened to Blogmas.

The idea was to post every day leading up to Christmas, and I had loads of plans for things to write about. I was going to go to London and photograph all the amazing twinkley lights, then go to the markets and find the best stalls. It was going to be great.

Only it didn’t happen.

Truth be told, as much as I love Christmas, this time of year can get me down a bit. Without getting all doom and gloom, it’s a reminder of the way things have changed over the years. My Grandparents can’t come round for dinner anymore, and I can’t see Sam’s face when he opens his presents.

While everyone else is filled with the festive spirit, I’ve got a small black cloud raining down on me.

All that said, I am feeling a bit better now. A few friends have pulled me out of the darkness and put a smile back on my face.

Blogmas was a great idea, and maybe it’ll be resurrected next year, but for now I’m going to take it easy. I don’t want to rush it and post a load of rubbish; I want to take some time and come up with some top notch content.

I hope you’ll all bear with me.

Happy Holidays.


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