The Santa Clause [Blog-mas 2]

When someone falls off of Scott Calvin’s roof on Christmas Eve, life as he knows it starts to change. The Santa Clause tells the story of how divorced father Scott (played by Tim Allen) finds himself doing a job he didn’t believe existed – being Santa.

This film was released in 1994, but it still continues to warm hearts every year. It is also the first in the trilogy of The Santa Clause films, with Santa Clause 2: The Mrs Clause and Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause being made nearly a decade later.

As Christmas films go, this one isn’t in my top five, but I’d still happily watch it if it was on TV.  It provides answers for how does Santa fit down chimneys and what if, like many modern homes, there’s no fire place. There are also the “Elves with attitude” from the Effective Liberating Flight Squad (yes, the initials do spell ELFS, very clever Disney) that I’d happily join if they were hiring.

The only thing that I found hard to follow was the jump in time. It starts on Christmas Eve, then there’s a scene with career day at school, and then its Christmas again although no one seems to notice that a whole year is meant to have passed.

Still, this family film is a great way to start the festive season. Overall, I’d rate it 3 snowflakes* out of 5 for the plot, the acting and the flying effects. The step dad Neil’s jumpers get a special shout out for being totally awful, but I still kind of want one.

* – This is my blog and I can rate things out of snowflakes if I want to!


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