Shuffling Through More Memories

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“Put your music on shuffle and write about the songs played”

Hey Kid – Matt Willis
I remember crying when Busted split up – yes actually crying. They were my first love and I never wanted it to end. You can imagine how excited I am about McBusted – which at some point will be a post (when I get my butt in gear). In all honested, I’d kind of forgotten about this song, but no I’m hearing it again, it is wonderful. I can still picture the video being on TV. Oh childhood, where did you go?

Heartbeats – Jose Gonzalez
Not much to say about this song, other than its incredibly beautiful. I remember being on train listening to this song and just watching all of the scenery go past.

Are You Lonesome Tonight – Elvis
 Emma, if somehow you’re reading this, I want you to know that I miss you a little more every day. I walk past the places we used to hang out, and I still expect to see you there. “Now the stage is bare, and I’m standing there with emptiness all around. And if you won’t come back to me then they can bring the curtain down.”   I wish you’d come back again.

1985 – Bowling for Soup
I remember singing this on Singstar at a friend’s house, it was the only song I was any good at because I actually knew the words!  That seems like a lifetime ago, and in a way it is. I’m not the person I was back then, but I’ll always have the memories from back then. Oh and in case you’re wondering, of course I still know all the words.

I’ll Be Okay – Mcfly
So as we’ve already covered this post, I’m quite the Mcfly fan (understatement). This song in particular has gotten me through some rough times. From bad days to bad break ups, this song has been there to provide some comfort and a reminder to “just tell yourself, I’ll be okay.”

Spring Nicht – Tokio Hotel
What better way to learn a language than through music? Unfortunately, this was in my cringey emo phase (don’t act like you didn’t have one), so it’s rather dark. I was actually a bit obsessed with Tokio Hotel back in the day; didn’t help me learning German though.

The Ketchup Song (Asereje)- Las Ketchup 
 Two memories here. First of all, when this first came out we always used to dance to it on the little stage in the playground because we were that cool. Second memory involves this song, a bear onesis and a flash mob. Like this post and I might tell you all about it 😉

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