Flu Thoughts

I’m a few days out of sync with blogging every day in October right now, so I apologise in advance for taking over your inbox over the next few days. I blame it all on being ill the past week and losing track of what day it is and what month it is thanks to all the medication. It’s all working and I feel a bit better now though, if you were interested.

It’s given me a lot of time to think though – admittedly its flu fuelled duvet snuggled thinking, but it still counts! I’ve been thinking about my life a lot. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh here she goes again…” but bear with me.

At first, I was panicking about the amount of stuff I’m not getting done because I’m lying in bed. The kind of panicky thoughts about work piling up, but instead of actually doing something about it you just kind of lie there in a state of “what is my life coming to,”.

Then came being irrational; “Well if I fail at this, I could always buy an ice cream van. People always need ice cream.”

Finally after some much need sleep, I’m starting to feel more myself again. The work still needs to be done, but I feel more motivated to do it now because I know that it’s one step closer to making my dreams happen. These dreams will probably change again, and that’s totally fine too, but what’s not okay is just waiting around for them to happen. I’ve got to go out and make them happen – whatever they may be.


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