Seen Through the Window



[This blog post comes in the form of a creative writing piece I did during lunch – If you like it, I might turn it into a full story]

As I watch the wind tickle the leaves of the trees, I long to be out there. I want to feel the grass under my toes, the sun on my face. I want to smell the flowers in bloom. I want to be free.

Then I catch it; my reflection. The haunted eyes and pale cheeks – I’m not the man I used to be. There are more creases and lines taking over my face now. My hair has greyed like my spirit. I’m evidence that time has passed, but the hurt and crippling emotions are still the same. Time does not heal all wounds.

A bird lands on a branch and starts to sing; it’s song bittersweet to my ears. It sings of peace and love, I feel nothing but regret. I blink away the tears escaping my eyes. I press my hand to the glass longing for the sun to break through and warm my heart.

Nothing extraordinary happens. The world keeps spinning and the bird flies away.

And then I see her.


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