Remember me?


Today I’ve been thinking a lot about death. Not in a super depressing/ worrying way, it’s just been one of those days.

Someday I’m going to die, and although I hope that’s not for a long time, there’s nothing I can do to change that. No matter what grades I get or what job I have, some things are inevitable.

But what I can change is how I’ll be remembered.

Hopefully my loved ones would remember all of the good times we’ve shared and reminisce about the time we thought we were being attacked by wizards or something like that, but what about other people?

I wonder what my future boss would say about me. Or my partner. Or my kids.

Unless Heaven has a CCTV thing going on with Earth, I probably won’t find out.

Maybe someone will remember this blog and sit and read it after I’m gone- I hope not because that might really embarrassing. Just imagine that for a moment: “oh man, I really miss Charlie, let me look at her blog….why is she dressed like a bear?”

Getting back to the point of this, I want to do something that will be remembered. I’m not talking about changing the whole world, but hopefully changing someone’s world. Maybe I’ll go skydiving for charity, or invent a super-secret family recipe. Maybe I’ll write a book or have my own photography gallery. Maybe I’ll just be the girl with that amazing blog.

Whatever happens, I’m going to try to remember that I only have this one lifetime to live. Someday this will all be over, so I shouldn’t waste it being upset by silly little things like missing my train or burning my toast.

And you should too.


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