An Open Letter To Everyone Involved With Artist’s Rooms


We’ve probably not met, and even if we have you might not remember me; and that’s okay. You probably met a lot of people and to remember everyone would be too much to ask. But I’m writing this open letter to tell you about the difference you’ve made in my life.

For the past few months I’ve been working as part of the Jeff Koons Collective – a group of young people that have come together to work on a project that wouldn’t have existed without you. We’ve been doing a number of different things from learning about the planning and practicalities that go into an exhibition to organising our own events.

Before this project, there was so much that I didn’t realise I didn’t know about. Yes, I was interested in contempary art, but now I have a greater appreciation for it. Now I want to go to more galleries to see things – not just to see the work itself but I want to know about what things are made of and how they’re made. I want to know what it means, what the ideas behind it are and how the artist came up with them. I also have an appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes of an exhibition; something I never used to think about.

It’s fair to say that the experiences I’ve had have had an impact on my life. I’ve made more friends. I’m trying new things and learning amazing new skills. I’m able to say with pride “oh yes, I was a part of this,” and “I helped out with that”.

I want to finish by thanking you. Things like the Jeff Koons Collective wouldn’t be possible if there wasn’t Artist Rooms. Thank you for making all this possible and giving me the opportunity to do all these things and make memories that I know I’m going to treasure for years to come. Thank you for opening my mind to all the possibilities.


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