To the World’s Best Mum


Dear Mum,

This letter feels particularly strange to write. Although I see you every day, these are the words I can never seem to say.

Thank you for being mine. Thank you for providing me with everything I need to have this wonderful life. Thank you for raising me the best way you knew how, to have manners and know wrong from right. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

I’ve been selfish and for that I’m sorry. Maybe it’s part of growing up, but that doesn’t justify it. Sorry for spending money on things I could have done without. Sorry for not realising that no matter how much pain I was in when grandad passed, you were hurting worse. Sorry for not being able to say any of this in person.

I’ve spent 19 years with you, but no matter how long we get together it will never feel like enough. believe me when I say that I’m not planning on having kids yet, but when I do I hope that I’m as good a mother as you are.

I love you.


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