When Germs Attack

Uuuuuurgh. I am sick. Like really sick. Can women get Man Flu?

Anyway, I wanted to keep up with my blogging challenge so I staggered out of bed to bring you my top tips for surviving germ season.

  1. Stay warm and keep hydrated.
  2. If you can, stay at home. Not only is it better for you to get some rest, but it will also stop you from spreading your cold to everyone else you come into contact with. Put on a dvd and snuggle up in bed.
  3. Have a shower. You’ll feel better once you’re clean, and the steam from the shower will help your stuffy nose.
  4. Drinking hot drinks can help your sore throat, especially if they have honey in.
  5. Take some paracetamol and get some sleep.

And now I’m off to return to my bed and hibernate until the germs have gone. 


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