National Poetry Day


It’s October 3rd, which can only mean one thing…National Poetry Day!

I used to be quite good at writing poetry and in honour of this day I’ve dug out some of my old work. I will warn you now that they are quite dark and one contains the F word, but still I’d love to hear what you think.

The Haunting
Haunting, swirling, being,
Freed inside my mind,
Shattering reality,
Freeing who he’s meant to be.
Is it really better to have loved and lost?
I’d rather love and live.
Is it a cure or a blessing?
A beginning or an ending?
It is what it is.
The haunting, swirling being,
Existing in my mind.

Looking into the Eyes of Death
Have you ever looked into the eyes of death?
Death through the eyes of the living
Is like a child in an office with a shirt and tie.
The child playing, pretending, in a grown up’s world.
Death through the eyes of the living
Is like a child in an exam room with a paper.
The child guessing, pretending, that the knowledge is there.
Death through the eyes of the living
Is like playing or guessing or pretending.
The eyes see, but the brain cannot understand.
Death through the eyes of the living
Is the end.

My Choker of Love
Hung around my neck,
You’re everywhere I go,
Like a badly-tied noose,
That I just can’t take off.
A constant memento,
Of what I had,
We had,
And how badly I can’t let go.
You keep me collected,
Tying me, knotting me,
Like the ribbon on a parcel,
Without it, the protective paper,
That takes the knocks and the tears,
Falls to the floor,
Leaving the core bare,
Then other times,
When I need to be strong,
When I need to move on,
It’s like, you think I’m forgetting you,
As if without a reminder,
You’d just completely fade away.
So you tighten you’re grip,
Chocking, strangling, hurting me.
Breathing gets more difficult,
Talking is almost impossible,
My eyes watering,
Salty tears try to ease your grasp,
And eventually you give in.
I can breathe again,
But will I ever live again?
I’m only human,
And you’re only a choker,
Hung around my neck,
Everywhere I go,
My broken-hearted love choker.


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