Turning Over a New Leaf


You know when I said I’d blog more?

I lied.

It feels like forever since I sat down and spent some time writing. I keep meaning to, but things keep coming up – and for once it’s not just down to my laziness.

So what exactly have I been so busy doing?

Well…I went back to college.

Actually, an “adult education” college, but still. I’m just over two weeks in now, and I love it. I’m taking media communications, so with any luck my writing will improve over the next nine months.

It just goes to show how much my life has changed in the short time I’ve had this lovely little blog. At the beginning, I was totally freaking out about my life and trying to move on while constantly looking back at the past. Now I’m looking forward, trying my best to keep my chin up, and while I still don’t have a “plan” for my future, I’m much much happier now.

I’ve learnt that change is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the end of the world. Embrace what life throws at you because nothing – whether it’s good or bad – lasts forever.


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