Being a Better Blogger


So…Does anyone remember that time that I started a blog and then hardly posted on it?

I do that a lot (start things I never finish; not make lots of blogs). I have a lot of ideas you see, and at first they all seem so great. They all start the same with a “what if…”, but then I seem to talk myself out of actually doing them. Like with this post, it’s probably been trapped in one of several notebooks for a while now because I worry about messing it up or every one hating it. It’s kind of absolutely terrifying.

So what can I do?

Now that is the million dollar question.

First things first, I’ve got to get rid of the clutter. You would not believe the state of my room right now. Several important bits of paper, a few tv remotes and probably a lost city or two have been swallowed by the piles of chaos in my living area – not exactly the greatest of writing areas, huh. Step one to being a better blogger: get organised.

Step two: Get out more. It doesn’t matter where; just get out of the house. Take writing materials and a camera and just go. While you’re out, try to come up with something. The fresh air will get that brain working again.

Step three: Write it, type it, post it. Simple. To be a better blog, you must blog.

Step four: Look around at what other people are doing. Find a blog you like and try to work out what makes it great. Maybe you could even make friends with them and swap tips. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions and getting help.

Finally, the easiest to write and the hardest to do…

Step five: Stop worrying. So what if people don’t like what you’re doing? As long as you like creating it, does it really matter? It’s your blog, not theirs. Do what you want, and stop worrying about it.

And there you have it. Five steps to becoming a better blogger – posted mostly as a note to myself, but also public for your entertainment. Do you have any tips or just want to make a new friend? Leave them in the comments below!


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