Top Ten Tips for a 365 Day Project


On my last birthday, I set myself a challenge; take a photo every day for a whole year. Sounds easy, right? *Click* and you’re done? Well, not quite.  Here’s a list of ten tips I wish I’d known before starting the project.

1.Understanding why you’re doing it. Before you start, you should probably sit down and think about why you want to do this. To make you a better photographer? To document what you do? To be productive? There’s no right or wrong answer here, but it’s important to know your motivation.

2.Look at other peoples’ work. This can help to inspire you. Is there a particular style you like or trick you want to try? Now’s the time to do it.

3.Show people your work. How you do this one is up to you; you could use sites like Flickr or go out school and make a photo album. However you do it, use it as motivation to keep going.

4.Stay up to date with editing and uploading. Now this one really comes from experience as although I’ve finished a year of taking photos, I’m still way behind on actually doing anything with them. You could try and set aside time once a week to do this to stop it from piling up.

5.Invest in a backup hard drive. 365 days’ worth of pictures is a lot, and it would suck to lose them. Don’t risk it, have somewhere to keep a backup of your photos.

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These are the hands that type the words you’re reading.

6.Keep a camera with you at all times. You never know when you’re going to find something interesting to snap, so be prepared. You don’t always have to have a DSLR, it could just be your phone camera, but always have something.

7.Don’t wait until 5 minutes before midnight. There’s nothing wrong with night time photography, but plan it first. You don’t want the day to nearly be up and be in a panic that you haven’t done a picture today.

8.You will have bad days. Not every photo will be a masterpiece and that’s okay, but don’t give up. Don’t be too hard on yourself if things aren’t perfect; there’s always tomorrow.

9.Take risks. It might seem scary at first, but it’ll pay off when you have fantastic new photos. You never know, you might actually like it.

10.Enjoy it. It’s a big project to take on and you want to be able to look back and say how much fun you had, not that it was a complete drag. It’s your project and your time, make it worth it.

And there you have it, my top ten tips. You can check out my Photo a Day project here: If you’re starting one of these or if you’ve done on in the past, I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below telling me about it and giving any more tips you think I’ve missed. 🙂


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