In Love in London

Picture this: You’ve just gotten off the tube in Covert Garden and you head towards the market because you’ve got a little time to kill. What do you expect to see?

Market stalls – check.

Expensive shops – check.

Crowd of people – check.

Large LOVE installation – check…

Wait what? That last one isn’t usually there.

This is definitely not what I expected to see on a Thursday afternoon while wondering around before my meeting (although I should have really, considering it was only about a week and a half away from Valentine’s Day).

Love Installation

So what’s all this about then?

Large cage letters spelling out “love” and a giant heart behind them – Kind of cute and quite popular to pose in front of apparently. But when you take a closer look you can see that people are adding padlocks with hearts attached to them.  Most have messages written on them.

It is in fact an installation by the British Heart Foundation set up to collect money during National Heart Month. For just £3 you were given your own heart to write on and attach anywhere to the cages.

I spent a little time reading some of them. A lot of them were very touching; Declarations of love to partners, words of support, memorial messages. Some of them had little doodles on or were just stating the fact that “[insert name here] was here [insert date]”.

Of course I had to do my own, right? How often do you get the chance to take part in something so big for such a good cause?

So this is my heart:

My heart

For everyone loved and lost in my life.

Thank you British Heart Foundation for all of your hard work with this appeal and everything else you do.


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